Jan 20 2017

Choosing A Veterinarian in Sunnyvale


It is important to do your homework when choosing a Veterinarian in Sunnydale, CA that is right for you. In addition to providing standard wellness exams and vaccinations, a good Veterinarian will work with you and your pet on preventative care, diagnostics, and emergency care. Having access to high-quality equipment and treatments options can make a big difference if your pet becomes ill. Finding a Veterinarian in Sunnydale, CA who meets all of your pet’s current and future needs will give you the resources you need to take charge of your pet’s health.

Dr. Eric Griesshaber

 Dr. Eric Griesshaber at Acadia Veterinary Clinic

At Acadia Veterinary clinic, we work with pets of all life stages — from their infancy through to their golden years. We tailor our veterinary care based on your pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk factors. Our kitten and puppy wellness packages, as well as our spay/neuter incentives, make it easy for pet owners to get their new furry family member started on the right track to good health. We also offer ResQ microchip, the smallest pet identification available for comfort and security.

As your pet ages, having a Veterinarian in Sunnyvale, CA who can provide for your pet’s changing needs is essential. Preventative care and early intervention can make a huge difference in the longevity and quality of life of your pet. Acadia Veterinary Clinic provides routine dental services in addition to oral surgery, as we know that tooth and gum problems can lead to much larger health issues. We also offer blood panels, ultrasounds, urinalysis and more — all done in-house for the fastest, most accurate results possible.

Choosing Acadia Veterinary Clinic

                                                                             Acadia Veterinary Clinic

Finally, a good Veterinarian in Sunnyvale, CA will understand that your time is important, just like your pet. Acadia Veterinary Clinic offers an online pharmacy with home delivery options that saves you the time and the hassle of picking up refills from a Veterinary office. We carry a full line of prescription diet food, dental hygiene products, flea and tick preventatives, joint supplements, and medications.

So if you are looking for a Veterinarian in Sunnyvale, CA who can meet all of your pet’s needs, call Acadia Veterinary Clinic today!

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