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Getting Animal Laser Therapy in Cupertino


When our pets are in pain, it can be difficult to stand by and feel like you can’t do anything for them. Thankfully, there have been many advancements made in veterinary medicine over the past few years that have improved the lives of countless pets. With owners more committed and loving than ever, finding a good resource for animal laser therapy here in Cupertino has become even more important. But what are the benefits, exactly?

Animal Laser Therapy Uses

Most commonly, laser therapy is used to help heal wounds from animal attacks or accidents, reduce inflammation and swelling, and treat muscle, tendon and bone pain. One of the theories behind how it works is that the low-level laser stimulates your pet’s own healing abilities, essentially sending signals to the rest of the body to get moving on producing healing factors. It’s like a nudge in the right direction for a sluggish system. Beyond these uses, there has been success in treating other medical conditions such as skin problems. The best part is that it’s not painful for your pet to undergo this procedure. Many will even relax into the treatment like they’re at their very own spa day.


Animal Laser Therapy: Professionals Needed

Since this is a non-invasive and non-painful procedure for your pet, it’s easy to assume that it can be performed by anyone. Getting safe and appropriate animal laser therapy in the Cupertino area requires just a little more thoughtfulness, though. Not every condition can and should be treated using this method. Often, a veterinarian will suggest using it together with medications to prevent other issues from popping up with your pet. On top of that, some precautions need to be taken for the safety of both your pet and the person administering the treatment. While low-level lasers are certainly not a problem when it comes to treating arthritis in joints, the eyes of both humans and animals need to be protected. It’s best to have someone you trust with your pet’s health in this situation so that you can feel great about relying on this newer medical advancement.

If you have any questions about getting animal laser therapy in Cupertino, please feel free to reach out to use here at Acadia Veterinary Clinic.

Animal Laser Therapy, Cupertino

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